Our Mission

Our Mission at the Ministry of the Presidency, Department of Citizenship and immigration support services is to provide professional high quality and effective service which will enhance and ensure the recording and processing of birth registration, immigration and naturalization of Guyanese through the implementation of modern technology in accordance with all compliance regulatory requirements and laws of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana


Our Objectives

To establish a long term system of birth registration

To modernize the registration of births, deaths, marriages, citizenship, visa extension and passport application through modern technology

To facilitate the smooth transition and re-integration of involuntary re-migrants, fostering an environment where they can make a meaningful contribution to society

Visitor Visa on Arrival
Visitor Visa on Arrival is issued to persons coming to Guyana for vacation or tourism purposes. The spouse or family of foreign nationals working in Guyana are issued with Visitor Visa on Arrival if they are accompanying him/her.
Persons coming to Guyana for short periods of time less than three (3) months and who are not coming to work are also issued with Visitor Visa On Arrival. (These may include attending meetings/workshops/seminars/events or religious functions; site visits to companies; conduct training; carry out maintenance on machineries purchased from foreign countries)
Visitor Visa are valid for three (3) months if it is a Single Entry Visa and for one (1) year if it is a Multiple Entry Visa. The cost is five thousand one hundred and twenty five Guyana dollars ($5, 125.00) or twenty five US Dollars (US$25.00)